It goes without saying we’re all probably feeling a bit heavy these days, with the uncertainty of the past two years.. Those of us who are empaths will know sometimes we feel out of sorts and like we’re carrying the weight of the world. And that’s probably because we are are… We’re sponges for the energy of other people which can feel like a blessing or a curse. It’s what makes me such a good healer because I can literally ‘feel’ my client, but a curse because we don’t want to be carrying other peoples’ energy. It’s like carrying around heavy baggage all day and not being able to put it down. How exhausting..!

You’re likely an empath if…

  • You’re unsure what your own energy feels like
  • You’re not sure where you end and others begin
  • You have trouble setting personal boundaries
  • You please others to avoid upsetting them
  • Your mood suddenly changes and you don’t know why

Now that you know that, what can you do about it….?

The good news is there are tools you can use to cleanse yourself from it.

  • One of my favourite ways is to visualise the water as a white waterfall of light whilst in the shower, cleansing away anything that no longer serves or isn’t mine
  • You can ask your guides / angels / whatever higher being you feel aligned to to cleanse you from what isn’t yours
  • Visualise yourself routed to the earth, and send anything that feels heavy or doesn’t belong to you down to Mother Earth

..or find your own way of releasing what’s not yours.

But whatever method you choose – it’s time to put down that heavy baggage you’ve been carrying for way too long…