Chakradance Sessions

What is Chakradance?

Life can present us with many challenges – from grieving the loss of loved ones to family trauma.. When we carry these burdens, they can unexpectedly surface later on, sometimes even manifesting as physical ailments.

Created by Natalie Southgate, Chakradance offers a gentle and transformative approach to healing. Combining movement therapy with insights from Jungian psychology, Chakradance sessions feature carefully curated music tailored to resonate with each Chakra.

Through guided meditations and visualizations, we aim to release any energetic blockages within us. To conclude each class, each participant will create your own mandala, a cherished keepsake to bring home with you.

Join us on this beautiful journey of self-discovery and healing.


Insights from Natalie Southgate

“The role of the chakra system is to help regulate the human energy field, commonly known as the aura.  The aura is a dynamic, energetic matrix, which includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being.

Every human being has seven major chakras and each one influences an aspect of our lives.  From our instincts, sexuality and personal power through to how we love, communicate, use our intuition and connect to our deepest source of spirituality.

When you discover the power and the energy that resides within you, it is like coming home.  Chakradance is a form of nourishment for your true self, for your soul”

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About Me

I’m Clair, and I’ve been on a spiritual journey now for the past several years.  I’ve been on my own journey of self discovery, and working out my life purpose.  I’m here to help other women who have been through challenges to reconnect with your true Goddess nature and be who you truly are once the conditioning and limiting beliefs you are carrying have been stripped away

I discovered Chakradance a few years ago and knew I wanted to bring this to other Goddesses to reconnect with their true divine nature.  Let me lead you on a 9 week sacred journey of releasing your emotional blockages, connect to the Divine, release what no longer serves you and unleash the Goddess that you are

What Can I Expect from a Class?

Everyone’s healing journey is unique, so be open to your own individual experience.  You will then create your own mandala at the end of each session to express insights, inspirations or any images that came to you during your session

I have witnessed powerful transformations take place from just one 90 minute class.

One client, Kate, had a profound healing experience during my demonstration class.  She felt connected to her beautiful son who sadly passed away in 2017, and the session connected her back to her heart.  She was able to lift years of grief she had been carrying in her heart.  In Kate’s words ‘I found the process incredibly healing and transformative. I felt a massive shift on both occasions’ (during the demonstration and a 90 minute class)

Chakradance is for you if you’re ready to transform your life, release what no longer serves and connect with your true divine nature.  If Kate can see this shift from just one session, imagine what a 9 week journey can do for you….

Come join me as I guide you on a journey to freedom and transformation❤️❤️

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Week One: Activate your Chakras

This session will give you a good baseline as to which chakras need to be worked on most.

Activate your energy system, and prepare your mind, body and spirit for the transformational journey ahead

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Week Two: Base Chakra

Do you keep repeating unhealthy patterns?  Do you have money concerns?  These are all rooted in our Base Chakra.  Base Chakra week will help you to clear these

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Week Three: Sacral Chakra

This Chakra governs our feelings and emotions.  Unlock your passion and sensuality through the sacred dance of the sacral chakra and connect with your feminine energy

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Week Four: Solar Plexus Chakra

Ignite your masculine energy and dance away anything that no longer serves you.  This week will align you with your passion and purpose, and enable you to move forward with confidence and courage

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Week Five: Heart Chakra

Release anything that’s weighing heavy in your heart and radiate love, compassion, joy and kindness

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Week Six: Throat Chakra

Authentic speech and self expression are the qualities of the throat chakra.  Dance your freedom of expression and authentic truth into being

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Week Seven: Third Eye Chakra

Dance your way to clarity and higher perspectives, opening up your intuition and unlocking visions and insights.

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Week Eight: Crown Chakra

Dance with the Divine to bring your visions into life.

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Week Nine: Integration

Come into wholeness.  This week we integrate the healing that’s taken place for the past 8 weeks and the freedom of being authentically you

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't dance so don't think Chakradance is for me

Chakradance is a ‘spiritual movement therapy modality’, freeing your energy system from the anything that has become stuck in these energy centres.  As it’s not a choreographed dance class, no previous dance experience is required.  You’ll be safe with a group of other like minded souls 

I'm self conscious...

Please don’t worry…  Everyone will have their eyes closed, or gazed lowered so no one will be watching but me, just so I can be fully aware of what is going on around the room at all times and ensure no one is colliding with each other. I will be holding the space for each and every participant, ensuring you are fully held in a sacred and safe container should you need any extra support.

I have also deliberately chosen to run the classes during evenings so you can fully immerse in yourself in the experience with limited light

What should I Wear?

Comfortable, loose clothing that you can move around in.  Normal gym wear would be ideal

I can't draw. Do I have to do the Mandala?

The mandala is a beautiful way of you expressing any insights that came to you.  If you feel creatively stuck no problem – the mandala can be a series of patterns, colours or images that may have come to you during the session.

There will be an opportunity to share these at the end, but of course there is no pressure to share yours if you would prefer not to.  You also get to take home your creation and keep it to reflect on

Can I just drop into the sessions for the Chakras I want to work on?

Our nine-week program allows you to dive deep into each chakra and release energetic blockages. Please note that individual pay as you go sessions are not available. 

What if I can't make one of the sessions?

That’s no problem!!  I can send you the handouts and information, and you can catch up on that week in your own time so you’re fully in synch with the rest of the class.  We will be as a group for the full 9 weeks, so I will hold the space for you in your absence

How long does a session last?

Allow 90 minutes per session.  This allows for feedback and sharing afterwards

Don’t just take our word for it – see what others are saying:

Chakradance is the best gift of self-care and self-love that I have ever given myself

Stephanie - USA

Alchemy of the soul, mind and body. Chakradance helped me open my heart to things I had never seen. It opened my mind to feel in new ways.

Anthea - Australia