When was the last time you connected to your inner child?

I recently participated in a cacao ceremony, which included a beautiful meditation taking us back to a version of younger selves around toddler age. For me this was a difficult exercise (no – not because I’m old!!), but because I believe there must be trauma there that on a soul level I just don’t want to visit.

You see, I’ve had a lot of counselling which will have had its own place on my healing journey. However, training as a healer means getting in touch with our own selves and our own traumas, and healing those parts of us that have been held in our subconscious that we may have forgotten or just don’t want to visit. My healing journey reconnected me to the little girl in me who was so traumatised by things she shouldn’t have seen, and started showing me scenes that had been locked away in my subconscious so I could bring them into the light and heal her from them.

What does your inner child need you to help her heal….?