Where does Reiki Come From?

The form of Reiki that most of us are familiar with was discovered by Mikao Usui. It is believed he entered a state of enlightenment after spending 21 days at the top of a mountain in a state of meditation, prayer and fasting, and learned he was able to heal his own physical pain after stubbing his toe on the way back down the mountain.

In recent years, Reiki has become more mainstream and more widely recognised and accepted as a natural healing technique. With an ever-increasing number of Reiki practitioners, it can be daunting to find the right one. So where do you start….?

Reiki Healing

How do I choose a Reiki Practitioner?

You will be spending at least an hour one to one with your practitioner, so it’s important to find someone you know you can connect with. If possible, have a telephone consultation with the practitioner beforehand, or choose a practitioner that has been recommended to you.

Is Reiki like a massage?

In my opinion – no… I often hear people – including practitioners themselves – say that Reiki is like a massage. I don’t feel it could be more different. With Reiki you will ALWAYS remain fully clothed and the practitioner will work either hands on or off. Hands off is still effective as the energy is channelled through the aura, concentrating on the Chakra points. I’ve had clients book appointments with me surprised that they didn’t feel any movement from my hands and they didn’t feel they had had the experience they expected. My hands will remain in one place until I feel I need to move elsewhere. I can incorporate oils which will be diffused in the room and chosen according to your emotional needs, and crystals can be replaced on your Chakra points if needed which can be more powerful than just channelling via my hands.

Reiki Treatment Chakra Stones

Can Reiki help me get pregnant?

The Reiki practitioner will position their hands along the 7 main Chakra points of the body. Our physical wellbeing, as we know, is very closely connected to our mental wellbeing, and when we are out of balance mentally it will show up as a physical ailment. The question is more ‘what is preventing me from getting pregnant’? The stress and anxiety in our daily lives will most certainly play a part if you are experiencing difficulties getting pregnant, and we often hear stories of women who have fallen pregnant when they stopped trying. Also, everything is energy, and the more we tell the universe we are lacking something, the more we are sending out the message that we don’t have it. Since our womb is located in the Sacral Chakra, Reiki can certainly help to clear any energy blocks here, but with anything, we can’t guarantee for certain that Reiki will definitely help you to get pregnant, and it’s a good idea to continue seeking medical advice if you are already undergoing any fertility treatment.

What is the difference between Angelic Reiki and Reiki?

Reiki is done with the client lying on a treatment table, and the practitioner will place their hands on each of the 7 Chakra points one by one to bring the client back into alignment and releasing energy that might be stuck in each of these areas.

Angelic Reiki can be done with the client sitting if they are unable to lie down, and the hands are placed on the client’s back, remaining in one position. As Angelic Reiki is channelled directly from the Angelic Kingdom, it’s an extremely powerful form of treatment. With both types of treatment, you may feel heat from the practitioner’s hands but each client’s experience will be unique. I therefore never set an expectation on what you might experience.

Both techniques can be done via distance, which I often find as a practitioner can be extremely effective as the treatments are carried out with my eyes closed, and I don’t have to break the connection by moving to a different part of the body.

I will always feed back to you what I’ve experienced.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any further questions