Would you recognise the signs if you were?

It’s no secret that the past 2 years have had a significant impact on our wellbeing, whether you’ve been a parent working from home and home-schooling, or an employee having to work from home. With work / home boundaries often being blurred, it’s no wonder that many of us are feeling more burnt out than usual. But would you know if you were seeing burn out, and would you recognise the signs and symptoms?

What are the signs of burnout?

  • Are you feeling more tired / fatigued than usual?
  • Are you finding yourself more irritable than normal?
  • Are you sleeping longer than you normally would?
  • Are you lacking motivation to do everyday tasks?
  • Is it taking you longer to complete normal activities?
  • Are you procrastinating over getting things done?
  • Are you feeling detached and more like spending time alone?

If you’ve answered yes to most of these questions, the chances are you’re suffering from burnout. Here are a few of my suggestions on how to get yourself back on track; however in case of severe symptoms it’s advisable to speak to a medical professional:

  • Get out into nature. Being in nature helps with our wellbeing, so even going for a short walk in your local park can have a positive impact
  • Get active. This might be the last thing you feel like doing if you’re feeling exhausted but some gentle stretches can help to move stagnant energy
  • Self-care is highly important. Ensure you get enough rest
  • Take time away from social media and technology
  • Take a break away if that’s available to you
  • Essential oils are proven to have a positive impact on our emotions and moods. Find some essential oils that you like and diffuse them if you can. If not make a room spray, or put some on a tissue and breathe it in during the day
  • We all know the phrase ‘you are what you eat’. Eat more mindfully and more healthily. High fat foods can leave us feeling more sluggish and lethargic
  • Take care of YOU