She came to me for help in a dream…

When you wake up at 5am with a need to write down information from a very vivid dream, you know it’s not just a dream, and you must be channelling. So when I dreamt that a friend of mine needed my help, would kind of friend / healer would I be if I didn’t respond to her call? Before doing any deep healing work, we first cleared some of the limited healing beliefs she was holding onto from information I was intuitively given, making space for new integrations and a new way forward.

As a womb healer, and initiated Priestess of the Rose from the Magdalene Rose lineage, I took her through some visualisation practices for some deep womb cleansing, before giving her the Munay Ki rites

Having been initiated into the Magdalene Rose lineage, what a beautiful synchronicity to be shown the Mary Magdalene card in 2 different decks, and a matching message from a card I had previously pulled that day without realising it was by the same author of one of the decks I was using.