Your body's talking - are you listening

What is your body telling you? Recently I have been working hard… Holding down a full time job, while also building my new website for my business, plus courses I feel will help me for my healing business, not to mention client bookings on top. No wonder my body finally yelled at me and I got struck down with a stinking cold!! It’s been craving nutrients that I need, and being a healer I’ve been adamant that I want to allow myself to heal naturally without the need for nasty antibiotics, which also eventually lower our immune systems. If we don’t allow ourselves to take time out for self-care, rest and wind down eventually we will somehow be forced to. This is a home made soup, and I have to confess I have no idea what half the ingredients are as they’re unfamiliar to me, but I entrusted the shop assistant to put some together for me and I’m so glad I did – it’s much tastier than some soups I’ve had in local restaurants recently!

Where do you need to slow down this week and look after yourself, before your body finally tells you to stop and rest….?