Eugh – this is a phrase that has triggered the heck out of me…until recently. What happened to change my mind?

Life has thrown me enough lemons for my own lemon orchard, from growing up in a hostile environment to attracting narcissistic relationships. For the past few years I’ve spent time on my own to get to know myself after ending an engagement, and recognise my own energy. Every time I’ve felt I’ve rebuilt myself something has happened which has knocked me straight back down again, so it has never really felt like the Universe has had my back…

Christmas is a difficult time for many people, particularly when you’ve lost loved ones in your life, and even more so when the anniversaries are around Christmas time. So I felt very disappointed when my Christmas retreat was cancelled a few days before I was due to go. However the Universe perfectly aligned another psychic that day who told me I still needed to be booking something, and later that day I was booked to go Wales to a hotel for Christmas. After having been unwell for over a month trying to shake a cold and cough, it was the Universe’s way of telling me I needed to be away to allow myself to be taken care of.

This year, I decided to create myself a vision board with all the things I wanted, one of which was a mutually respectful relationship, and made a list of the qualities I was looking for, just to see what happened. The Universe has never helped me before – why would it now?

I recently started dating someone (following many synchronistic events) who so far is ticking the boxes, and he has given me this set of Oracle cards as a Christmas gift. I don’t know if he realises the irony of what he’s given me quite yet? Thank you Universe! I’m off to read the book again with a new perspective…. 😊