Chakradance Taster Session – The Potting Shed

The Potting Shed Middlemarsh, Sherbourne

Get ready for a journey of transformation with Chakradance! Dive into dynamic moving meditations that heal, energize, and balance your chakras. Feel the universal energy flow through your seven main chakras, each linked to essential body organs and levels of consciousness. Let go of trapped emotions and elevate your vibration with the joyful power of […]

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Chakradance Taster Session – Nine Springs Natural Health Centre

Nine Springs Natural Health Centre 70 Hendford, Somerset, Somerset, United Kingdom

Dance is an ancient practice that’s been explored by many cultures throughout the ages. Chakradance, a new healing dance practice, takes this tradition into the 21st century. Chakradance is an inner journey where each participant dances with their eyes closed, or gaze downward.  So you can literally 'dance like no one is watching!!'  Join us […]

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