Ciel Healing - Friday 13th unlucky for some
Friday 13th unlucky for some

Are you superstitious? Do you consider Friday 13th unlucky? This weekend began with Friday 13th August

It’s thought that Adam tempted Eve with the apple on a Friday. During the Last Supper, apostles dined with Jesus Christ (who was crucified on a Friday) at his last meal. Jesus was betrayed by the 13th apostle – Judas Iscariot.

Feminine power is associated with the moon, and with 13 moon cycles per year, Friday 13th is actually a celebration of women. Before the rise of the patriarchal system, Friday 13th was considered the Day of the Goddess and a day to celebrate the Divine Feminine. Friday was also a day to celebrate the Venus (Goddess of love), and Freya (Goddess of Fertility).

How did you honour the Goddess in you this Friday 13th?