I can hardly believe the Autumn equinox is almost upon us – it doesn’t feel like Summer even started!!

The equinox marks the official start of Autumn. What are your preparations for ‘Mabon’? I’m preparing for a Glastonbury retreat and can’t wait!! My favourite place to go for major spiritual events…

Mabon is a spiritual term for the equinox celebrations, and is a great time for giving thanks for the year so far (as tough as it has been there are always things we can find gratitude for), recognising your success from the past year, releasing what no longer serves and setting new intentions. Even more powerful with the new moon in Virgo this month! Here are a few ritual celebrations to celebrate:

  • Create an altar space with fresh autumnal flowers, or autumnal fruits
  • As it’s the equinox and day and night are in equal balance, where in your life do you need to create balance? Start a journal if you don’t already have one
  • List what needs to be released, build a little fire if you can safely do so, and offer the paper into the fire with gratitude and love
  • Plant new seeds with mindfulness and intention. You may want to sit on the soil and meditate before planting. Place your hands on the earth while planting, repeating your intention. If planting in a pot you may want to attach the paper to the plant. Attend to the seeds and plans over the coming months
  • Create an Autumn wreath